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Have you found an injured or orphaned animal? 

Call your local wildlife hospital straight away,
Click the Link to find your nearest one:

Afterhours Advice For Orphaned Animals:
Are you sure that the animal is orphaned? Please bear in mind that some young animals appear to be abandoned, when actually their parents are close by. For example baby hares (Leveretts) are born with their eyes open, and will sit, much like fawns above ground and wait for their parents to return.
If you are ever concered about a baby animal that you have come across it is always best to observe from a distance and call a wildlife rescue centre for advice. 

If you do find a genuine orphan then most important and often life saving thing that you can do is keep them warm and dry.
Baby animals can't keep themselves warm, they need a heat source. Hot water bottles wrapped in a towel is ideal. Have a high sided box and keep them snug and warm overnight. (you will have to change the hot water bottle regulary) 

Do not try to feed anything, including water to an orphaned animal without advice. This can be fatal.
Avoid letting children handle orphans as this can cause stress and potential death.
Call a wildlife hospital as soon as you can.

Please do not attempt to keep/handrear the animal yourself. They need specialist and experienced care.


Afterhours Advice for Injured Animals:
Be careful when handling injured animals. Use a thick pair of gloves or a towel where possible to handle animals such as injured hedgehogs and birds of prey.
Place the injured animal in well ventilated box with a lid. 

Place a towel inside so the animal can hide and stay warm.
Do not try to force feed any animal. 
You can put a very small amount of shallow water inside the box. Too much water and small species including garden birds can drown and other animals can tip it over and get too cold and wet overnight.
Leave the animal in a quiet and warm place and call a wildlife hospital as soon as you can.

Found An Injured Animal?