Reg Charity No. 1171813



Fancy giving giving a lift to an orphaned baby bird, an injured pigeon or a sick hedgehog?

Helping to get animals to us quickly when their finders have no transport can often mean the difference between life or death.


Where possible we ask members of the public to bring injured and orphaned wildlife that they have found to us but on occasion this isn't always possible. We are looking for a team of drivers in all different areas of Stafforshire who are willing to collect animals that are already boxed and bring them straight to the hospital for treatment and care.


Its a very flexible role as we have a database of drivers to cover a variety of areas. If you are not available when we call then we will simply call another volunteer. Just let us know when you apply when you are normally most available. 



  • Applicants must have their own vechile and full driving licence, insurance.
  • You must agree to bring any collected animals straight to the centre for care and treatment.
  • Applicants must be 18+

Volunteer Animal Collection Driver