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Relocating And Rebuilding Our New Wildlife Hospital

In 2018 we were faced with a very difficult decision which meant we had to  face closing our doors to the public for good.


The British Wildlife Rescue Centre was a wildlife hospital which was supported by our animal sanctuary, our sanctuary was home to an array of unwanted pets and animals. The general public paid to visit and it was this income that funded the costs of the wildlife hospital.

In 2017/2018 we were faced with financial difficulties due to other on site redevlopments and after 12 months of struggling we had no choice but to close to the public in April 2018.


Being open as a visitor attraction came with its own host of insurance and licence fees, this topped with rent, bills and other running costs eventually proved too much.


We were faced with closing down completly, after 27 years. We rescue 2000 wild animals each year and knowing that there would be nowhere for these injured animals to go spurred us on to try and find a new site to move our hospital to.


After months of appealing it wasn't looking hopeful at all. Then amazingly and very generously one of The BWRC's long term volunteers and her family offered us a lifeline. They offered to buy the centre it's own land so that we could continue to save Staffordshires wildlife.


Blown away, we began searching. Finding the right site proved difficult but after months of searching we finally found somehwere suitable to house our brand new wildlife hospital!


Jump foward 8 months and planning permission has been passed and we can start to plan our future.


Our site currently consists of a derelict barn which will be converted into our hospital and a small woodland area which will be the perfect setting for rehabilitating wildilfe.


The builder has starterd the work on the barn (February 2019) and with a lot of fundraising and hard work we hope to be fully functional in our new site by Summer 2019.









The costs involved with relocating and rebuilding the hospital are extensive. We have to rebuild outdoor rehabilitation pens, a pool for water birds, hedgehog hospital areas and more. We also need to clear our old site. Since we closed our doors in April 2018 we have been managing with a small amount of savings,  with the costs of moving these have now gone.


We are Staffordshires only wildlife hospital and we need support before its too late.


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Thank you for your support,


The British Wildlife Rescue Centre.


As you can see there is a lot of work to do.