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Here at The British Wildlife Rescue Centre we believe that educating the next generation on the importance of caring for our enviroment and creating a better understanding of the wildlife that we share our world with is a necessary and vital aspect of our work and it is something that we love to do.



Educational Talks from The BWRC

The BWRC are available for educational visits & talks to Primary Schools, Scouts, Brownies and other social and extra curricular groups in our local area.

We provide a 40 to 50 minute informative and interactive talk which includes an introduction to The British Wildlife Rescue Centre and the work that we do regarding the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife and the steps children like them can take everyday to be a Wildlife RescueStar.

This covers steps such as what the individual can do to care for wildlife in their own garden to instilling a responsibility and an understanding of the importance of small tasks such as picking up litter, the environmental impact that these small actions can make as a whole, and how that effects our wildlife in a concise and easy to understand format.

Our talk also includes the opportunity to meet some of our rescued animals.

These animals usually include; one of our rescued Hedgehogs which offer people a rare chance to interact with Harry our resident Hedgehog and our educational Owls, Pip the Barn Owl and Kara the European Eagle Owl.


All of our animals will be given an introduction with easy to remember facts detailing their habitat, diet and unique physical characteristics and each child will then be given the chance to meet the animal personally in a one to one situation with a short Q&A session after the meeting, answering any and all questions to better further the children’s understanding of the natural world.

Our talks are a great opportunity to actively encourage children to get involved in learning about the importance of environmental responsibility, developing a crucial understanding of the animals that we share our world with and showing the children how they can reduce their impact on the environment from a young age in a fun and interactive way!

Our fee for a single 40 to 50 minute talk is £80, this fee goes directly towards the running of our charity.


For booking availability please contact:

tel: 01889 271308



















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The BWRC and Hoglets Workshops

The BWRC have teamed up with Hoglets Wildlife Education to offer fun and interactive Hedgehog and Owl learning experience workshops in Staffordshire!


In these workshops children can:


  • Meet one of our feathered or prickled friends
  • Make an owl or hedgehog creation to take home
  • Master a fact or two through fun games and activities
  • Ideal for schools, nurseries, parties or any other group who wants to encourage a love for our wonderful wildlife

For further information on how to arrange a BWRC & Hoglets workshop please email us at: