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Corporate Sponsorships

Our Corporate Cooperation & Responsibility Programme.

We at The British Wildlife Rescue Centre are always seeking to build relationships with local, national and international businesses that share the same goals and commitment to our wildlife as we do by reducing our environmental impact and believing in the vital work we carry out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By working together with us and showing your commitment to your green credentials and corporate social responsibility, your business can ensure it’s effectiveness in reducing our ecological impact through better business practices and directly supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and release of thousands of injured and orphaned members of British wildlife by us here at The BWRC from our facility.


In mid 2019 The BWRC will be moving to our new dedicated rehabilitation and hospital facility as the continuation of our work on our current site of 27 years will no longer be possible our due to redevelopment. The magnitude of moving our operation after nearly three decades means that we need an enourmous amount of help to rebuild, and now is the perfect time for you and your business to get involved. In helping to rebuild Staffordshires only wildlife rescue centre you and your business will have made a real visible and lasting positive impact on our vulnerable ecology because if we don't act, then who will?


To learn more about the relocation of our wildlife hospital click: here



How can my Business help?

Support The BWRC through corporate partnership and sponsor a smaller project (under £1000)
Smaller projects that currently need funding are:


  • Walk-in hospital pens for animals such as swans and deer
  • Portable intensive care incubators
  • Hedgehog rehabilitation areas


Support The BWRC through corporate partnership and sponsor a large projects- (£1000+)
Current Large projects that need sponsoring are:


  • New rehabilitation pool for swans and other water birds
  • Owl rehabilitation Enclosure
  • Garden Bird Rehabilitation Enclosure
  • Intensive Care Incubators
  • New hospital cages


Other ways that you can help:


  • Monetary donations, either a one time donation or a regular donation- It costs £68,000 a year to operate the hospital.
  • Making The BWRC your Charity of The Year

  • Charity work force days

What are the advantages of a Corporate Partnership with The BWRC?


  • Your company branding included on BWRC newsletters, social sites and web presence

  • Enhancing your public image and green credentials in the business community through your work and association with The BWRC, fulfilling your company’s obligation to corporate responsibility & sustainability

  • Collection boxes for in-house & dynamic fundraising in the workplace, providing vital & lifesaving revenue generation for our dedicated wildlife hospital facility and rescue team

  • Certification for you & your business from The BWRC detailing your contributions and achievements

  • Rewarding & enriching workplace visits from our resident European Eagle & Barn Owls with an educational Q&A session for businesses local to our rehabilitation facility


Past and Present BWRC Corporate Partners:



If you wish to support us then we would love to hear from you.
please contact Abby Gower or Dawn Blacker:

tel: 01889 271308



Corporate Partnership.